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 We breed quality, purebred AKC Vizslas that make excellent companion and family dogs as well as superior hunters.  We are lucky to have been around this wonderful breed for over 45 years.  We have been actively training Vizslas in obedience for over 25 years, using positive reinforcement and praise in our training.  Our Vizslas compete in AKC, UKC, IABCA, NADD, AF, AFTCA, & BHA events.

 All of our Vizslas are active working dogs and live indoors as part of our family.  We are proud that our dogs are great family companions with outstanding temperaments as well as competitive performers at the highest levels of AKC competition. Cazador Vizslas' pedigrees are very balanced with a heritage of some of the greatest National Champion Vizslas and a proud history of many Hall of Fame Vizslas.

 Our name, "Cazador," means To HUNT, and "Vizsla" means ALERT - and accurate definition of all of our Vizslas. Cazador Vizslas have outstanding conformation and super hunting ability, with a kind and loving temperament.

 We are very selective in our breeding, and our focus is on producing the highest quality companion and performance Vizslas with hunting drive.  If you are looking to share your lifestyle with a breed that is an active and loving part of your household, we would enjoy hearing from you. If you are unfamiliar with our breed? Take a look at the Vizsla video from animal planet.  Please enjoy our website.


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      Roger Poole & Lisa Poole

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