2022-2023 UPDATE

Pearl 10 years old


10 Veterans VBIS Best In Shows

1  BIS Best IN Show

6 Group 1

4 Group 2

1 Group 2 Amateur Owner Handle

1 Award of Merit

New Titles

CH Conformation Champion

IntCH International Champion

VetCH Veteran Champion

RN Ralley Novice

NatCH National Champion

VetCH-B Vertran Bronze Champion

SVCH Super Veteran Champion


Cazador Margert RN (Pearl)


Completed 2 legs of Video Novice

Completed 3 legs of Video Beginning Novice earning her BNV

Completed 3 legs of Video Novice Rally earning her RN

Completed 3 legs of Novice earning her CD

Completed 2 legs of Beginning Novice

INTCH Cazador Elenora Gonzaga CD RN BN-V



Bow & Nick both finish their Serior Titles RATS in Barn Hunt

Pearl & Nick and Maggie & Nick breeding complete puppies due early June

Bella  Jan 4 Best of Breed & 4th Place Group ( UKC )

           Jan 4 Best of Breed & Group two 1st & Two 2nd ( IABCA )

            New title: INTCH International Champion

Sissi Jan 2 Best of Breed Veteran, 1 Best of Breed.

           New Titles: INTCH International Champion & VCH Veteran Champion

Nick Jan 3 Best in Breed Veteran

          New Titles: INTCH International Champion & SVCH Super Veteran Champion

         Feb 1st

          VCNC Vizsla agility trial Santa Rosa Ca Nick Placed 1st in excellent standard  

          preferred 20" 

2018  UPDATE

NIck Adds SIX New Titles TKN (Novice Trick Dog) & TKI (Intermediate Trick Dog )

TKA (Advanced Trick Dog)

RATI ( Instinct Barn Hunt ) RATN (Novice Barn Hunt) RATO (Open Barn Hunt)

AKC-Achiever Dog 2018

Bow Adds 2 titles RATN (Novice Barn Hunt) RATO (Open Barn Hunt)

Sissi Places 1st Open Limited Gun Dog (retrieving) Field Trial

AKC-Achiever Dog 2018

2018 Jan UPDATE

PEARL & HUNTER PUPPIES  Whelped JAN 6 puppies Our last litter for the year.

2017  UPDATE


Sissi's New title    AFC Amateur Field Champion (AKC)

           She has 7 Field Trial placements in a row national ranking #10

           AFC Onpoints Elizabeth Cazador JH

Nora's New title   IntCH International Champion

             Nora has one Field Trial placement ( OP open puppy )

            Int CH Cazador Eleonora Gonzaga

Bow's  New Titles   Four Best in Show wins (MBIS, Mult Best in Show), (IntCH  International Champion), (SVCH Super Veteran Champion)

            Bow has three field trial placements national ranking # 7

            ALGD Field Trial 1st place 3 point major.

    MBIS DC AFC IntCH SVCH Bitteroots Bow Tie Affair CD RA MH CGC


CH Pearl Best in Show Veteran


Our training program is moving forward with all our Vizslas. As many of you know Nick had a few set backs and has now fully recovery and is ready to go back into competition.  Sometimes we have to take a few steps back after an accident in order to move forward. We will be spending more time back in the obedience, barn hunt, tracking, hunt test, field trial, scent work & agility. We will be doing more walking & riding field trails this year and hunt tests with our younger Vizslas. We will also be back in the Conformation Ring AKC UKC & IABCA . We are moving our event towards other event organizations like Barn Hunt.


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Nick in Utility Obedience

       IntCH Cazador Elenora Gonzaga

Updated Feb 2023

    INCH VCH AFC Onpoints Elizabeth Cazador JH

Nick Rally Excellent 99 score 1st place

Current NEWS!

Bow hunting rats in barn hunt

MBIS DC AFC IntCH SVCH Bitteroots Bow Tie Affair CD RN RA MH RATN  RATO RATS CGC Achiever Dog