DC AFC Csardas Little Deuce Coupe MHA

He is a very nice local Vizsla and produces great puppies


MBIS DC AFC Int CH SVCH Bitteroots Bow Tie CD RA MH

He is our second Dual Champion and litter mate brother to Nick. They are training partners and spend a lot of time together. Bow is very easy going and learns very fast as well. Bow is still active in at 14 years old.

“Dogs with field trial Champion or Master Hunter in the first few breeding pairs in their pediges  come from stock that has proven intelligence and athleticism. The litter will likely have strong prey drive and a high level of natural hold and carry. All of those things are desirable in a hunting and performance dogs.

 Cazador Vizslas Breeding Program

Life  Expectancy

    We have spent a lifetime learning about Vizsla breeding and breeding very successful long term program. Our sources include a complete collection of the latest books, publications and seminars. Our training includes one on one education from the very best certified reproductive vets. We have also competed and certified the AKC Canine College on Breeding education  program, this program is written by a PHD and based on the facts of reproduction.  We offer other breeder assistance with breeding and stud service education. Part of our stud service is to give first time breeder help with breeding, whelping, puppy care and sales placements.


We all hope our Vizslas have a long life and there are many factor that effect expectancy. Some of the things that have positive outcomes as breeder and owner are: proper food, vet care, owner care, non-spay, non-neutering and breeding pairs including Grand Sir & Grand Dam.  As part of our breeding pairs we look at the history of the pedigree life expectancy.  We have been very fortunate that are Vizlsas are in very good heath and our youngest vizsla lived to be 16 1/2 years old. There is no way to guarantee the life expectancy of our Vizsla puppies but we can have some effect with getting education on the tools that can help life expectancy.

Our list of Breeding sires

Breeders use many different ways to temperament testing their puppies. There is a you tube video of Lisa interacting with puppies as part of our evaluating puppies. One the most important temperament traits comes from the parents of the puppies. Our foundation Vizslas have completed and pass therapy dog testing. Many of our puppies are placed as intended use therapy and special needs use as working dogs.

Heath Testing for the AKC breeding is posted the American Kennel Club website and the parent club the Vizsla Club of America controls the required tests and that is why every breed has different requirements. We meet and exceed the required testing requirements, the results can be seen on our links to the OFA test on our Vizslas pages. 


RBIS GCH DC AFC Int CH Bitteroots Nicholaus Cazador VCD2 UD GO RAE2 MH CGC  HIT SRU=NFC

He has over 41 titles and is still active and also an active stud dog. He is a very sweet dog with the ability to learn task very fast truly a one of a kind. He has accomplished so much it would fill this complete website.


CH Bitteroots Szent Istvan Cazador

Steve is another Bitteroot Vizsla and he has produced many very nice Vizslas.

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NFC NGDC FC AFC Lundy's Red Bull

He is a very specail vizslas one of the most titled field Vizslas of all time, We are very lucky to have his genetics in our breeding lines.

 Why we breed proven Dual Champion & National Field Champions

We find that proven titled  DC and NFC meet our very high stanrdard requirements of hunt drive, proper conformation and temperament. Its very uncommon for us to find show dog only that meet or very high standards.

 Breeding Education

Temperament and Heath Testing