Submitted by: Steve Learnd on Jan 14, 2014

Before we bought our Vizsla we called many gun dog breeders and very few would call us back. Roger returned our call the next day and invited us to meet all their Vizslas. I have never seen so many well-trained Vizslas. Lisa and Roger were very friendly and supportive with answering all our questions. We visited there training and breeding kennel in Sandpoint Idaho were they demonstrated their dogs field ability’s. I have been hunting most of my adult life and I have never seen a complete broke dog before. We now own one of their Vizslas puppies and she is my 4-year-old daughters best friend and my greatest hunting companion. My wife Karen is a personal trainer and she takes our Vizsla Bess to work as her running partner. We never knew that a dog like Bess could be such a valued member of our family.

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Submitted by: Mitch Pauna on Jan 19, 2014

We bought our first Vizsla (Tuula) from Roger and Lisa. They were fantastic helping with any questions we had. Visiting their home showed us how committed to their dogs. Training Tuula was easy and even hunted her first year on wild bird in Montana. Couldn't be happier with her. Highly recommend Roger and Lisa for their high quality viszlas-

Submitted by: Bob & Jodi Hudgins on Jan 16, 2014

Awesome dog great people, we can’t say enough about Lisa and Roger. We are so lucky own one of their Vizsla pups. We waited for the breeding with Nick and our Gus look just like his Super dad. I think Nick is the most titled living Vizsla today. Gus is so easy to train and he is a bird finding machine.
Our Gus was worth the wait!

Submitted by: Jeff Hamilton on Jan 14, 2014

We bought our Vizsla last year for Lisa and Roger of Cazador Vizslas. They recommended a local field trainer and he was very happy to help us train our Vizsla puppy. The pro trainer informed us that most of the Vizsla from this breeder are very easy to break to wing and shot. Our Pete was standing on birds the first day of training and was retrieving to hand within a week. It’s like Pete came out of the womb ready to hunt. I have owned many breeds of hunting dogs all my life, but nothing like Pete. He is easy to train and loves to be around people. He is the best family gundog I have ever owned.


Submitted by: Kristine & Gary on Feb 14, 2014
Dear Roger & Lisa

Thank you for the notification of the impending breeding of Sissi and Rina.

We have a female from the 2012 Sissi /Nick litter.

I have to tell you that she has turned out to be the neatest dog (& vizsla) I've ever had.
While I would not call her "sweet" she is character to the max. Definitely a handful but also extremely rewarding--high energy yet calm, super smart, super 'steady'/bombproof, friendly to everyone and everything, and fantastic in the bush. You dialled it SO right in matching us up I think.
Yes in spite of all of our attempts she is identical to Sissi in that she still takes things off the counter.
She really has been the dog of a lifetime thus far.

Your "Selkirk mtn" neighbours

Kristine & Gary
Vesper (Sissi & nick)

Nelson, BC

Submitted by: Mag Pauna on Jan 19, 2014

We were so pleased with our first vizsla from Roger and Lisa that we decided to get a second one! Esa came to us two days before Christmas and Roger even delivered the puppy all the way from Sandpoint to Portland, Oregon. We started training Esa, our male, at 9 weeks old. Truly amazing natural ability which showcases Cazador's quality of breeding.
Esa hunted wild birds at 8 months old and I limited out on sharpies on his first day!