Nick' First JH Ribbon

Onpoints Elizabeath Cazador JH

Sissi had a great year in 2013, winning a 3-point major in Spokane, WA and taking Best of breed in Coeur d'Alene, ID. In addition, she took first place in a field trial in Washington. Sissi also ran in the VCA National Gun Dog Championship in Kansas in October for her first time with outstanding style, run and bird work.


Cazador Esa Vadasz Pauna

Esa is 8 months old here.

Hi Roger and Lisa,
We just got back from hunting in Montana and both Tuula and Esa did great!
Here's a picture of Esa with all the Sharptails he got - we limited out!
Hope all is well with you!
Mag & Mitch

CH Bitteroots Szent Istvan Cazador


Russet Leather Katarina Cazador JH

Date of Birth: 10/27/2012

Ranked number 2 Vizsla National Field Trail Amateur
GO Graduate Open Title

 Nick, Bow & Sissi pass their Theapy Dog Test.

Ranked number 48 Vizsla national Field Trail Amateur
Four Field Trial placements.

Best of breed owner Amateur handled and take a group 3 placement.
Ranked 12

Rina and Nick
Have four puppies 2 boys and 2 girls

 Fathers eight puppies

Sissi and Nick 
Have 11 puppies 3 girls and 8 boys

Cazador Vizslas moves to Occidental California

CH Cazador Oh So Akamai JH

New Conformation Champion 2012

Owned by Diane & Murray

 RBIS GCH DC 4xFC 2xAFC AM/Intl CH Bitteroots Nicholaus Cazador CDX GN GO RAE2 JH SH 2xMH CGC   

 Russet Leather Katarina Cazador JH

 Date of Birth:

DC AFC Bitteroots Nicholaus Cazador CDX GN RAE MH CGC
Six new titles
AKC CD April 2010
AKC CDX Aug 2010
AKC GN Aug 2010
AKC CGC April 2010
AKC RE Jan 2010
AKC RAE June 2010

Northwest Field Trial Vizsla of the year
High in trial CDX obedience
Rally Excellent perfect score
Rally Advanced perfect score
Obedience highest novice score
Obedience National Ranking #5
National field trial ranking #10
Rally placements 22 for 22
Rally double Q's 11 for 11
Obedience novice placements 2 
Obedience GN placements 3 for 3
Obedience Open placements 2 
Field Trial placements 9
Field Trial First place 5
Master Hunter legs now 13

Qualifies 2nd  series VCA National 
Field Trial top 12 to run for the 
National Championship

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NEW Amateur Field Champion 2012
DC AFC Bitteroots Bow Tie Affair RA MH CGC

Onpoints Elizabeath Cazador  

Sissi had a great Field Trial year with two placements both First. She had 11 puppies at the end of last year and the puppies went home in January 2015. She need just a few points to finish her Conformation title and Field titles. She is still training for obedience, Field, conformation and hunt tests. We may start some rally and agility training. We have no plans to breed her in 2016. She will run in the National Gun Dog event in 2016.

Bitteroots Nicholaus Cazador

2015 was a very productive year: We continue our quest with Nicholaus adding many new titles and he continues showing up in national Vizslas ranking in four areas this year. We are looking forward to continue in Agility, Obedience, Hunt Test, Tracking, and many other events in 2016.

Vizsla Club of American National Ranking Q3:  Nick

Obedience (Utility) Ranked # 4          
Agility: (Novice) Ranked # 2
Agility: (Open) Ranked # 6
Field: (Amateur) Ranked # 3

New titles & Placements 2015:

UD Utility Dog
NA Novice Agility
NAJ Novice Agility Jumpers
OA Open Agility
OAJ Open Agility Jumpers
Master Hunter leg pass
Three Field Trial Placements
Best Of Breed Veterans


Two New AKC Titles
One New IABCA Title
International Champion ICH October 2011
Grand Champion GCH August 2011
Rally RAE Advanced Excellent # 2 Aug 2011
Two Field Field Trial Placements
Ran in the VCA Walking National Gun Dog Championship
Ran in the AKC National Field Trial Championship
5 point Select win at the PSVC Specialty one of the last 5 dogs standing out of 65

New Champion

CH Bitteroots Saint Istvan Cazador

Cazador Margaret

Pearl had a great win in the conformation ring with a 5 point major with Lisa Handling. We are doing our pre-breeding testing and plan to breed her in 2016.
We will release the Sire information as we get closer to the breeding date.


2010 Highlights

Cazador Mararet

Pearl won Best of Breed out of the 6 to 9 puppy class in CDA Idaho.

Bitteroots Bow Tie Affair

Bow had very good year with two Field Trial placements and three Obedience placements and one new Obedience title CD Companion Dog.  Bow had three strait Q's for the title. In 2016 Bow will run for the last time in the National Gun Dog event, in the past years he has always had a strong showing. Both Nick and Bow turn 11 years old in June 2016. 

Bow with Ribbons up to SH

Hunt Test Ribbons

RBIS GCH DC 4XFC 2xAFC Am/Intl CH Bitteroots Nicholaus Cazador CD CDX GN GO RN RA RE 2XRAE JH SH 2xMH CGC
Nick placed first twice in Montana AKC obedience Graduate Open class. He place in two field trials and ran in the VCA National open and Amateur Field Trial. Finding birds with his normal style and with his trade mark of run with a strong finish. Nick is  retired from field trials for now with our focus on the obedience, tracking and agility for 2014 and 2015.

Nick Places 3rd in the VCA National
Field Championship 

RBIS GCH DC 4XFC 2xAFC Am/Intl CH Bitteroots Nicholaus Cazador CD CDX GN GO RN RA RE 2XRAE JH SH 2xMH CGC

He is third from the left in the yellow collar.

Bow's first JH Ribbon


Zita - getting her Nose Work 2 Title at Enumclaw, WA trial 8/11/2012.

Princess Zita Maria Cazador NW1 NW2

Owned by Lola & Mike

GCH DC AFC Bitteroots Nicholaus Cazador CDX GN RAE2 MH

Russet Leather Katarina Cazador JH

Date of Birth:

DC FC AFC CH Bitteroots Bow Tie Affair RN RA JH SH MH CGC

Bow had one field trial placement for 2013. He Ran in the VCA National Field Trial in Kanas in October. Over 50 % of the field went birds less. Bow was the only Vizsla the had three bird finds. This his 9th AKC National Championship. He may run some in the future. But for now he is retired from the field. He will be training other areas of performance events.


Tuula - in Montana hunting after her first year and is now working to earn her AKC Master Hunter title.  

Cazador Artemis Tuula Pauna

Owned by Mitch & Mag

DC AFC Bitteroot's Bow Tie Affair RA MH

 Russet Leather Katarina Cazador JH

Date of Birth:


Nick Master Hunter Title and Ribbons JH SH MH


2012 Highlights

Year In Review 2010-2023

Onpoint's Ferenc Jozsef

Frankie had a good year training, he ran in a few horse back and walking field trails with no placements. He did pass two hunt test legs. 2016 he should start showing up in the placements, he is the most driven Vizsla that most people have seen. He has drive and style.